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This is a TV show based on the best works by Liza Moore. At the center of attention of the plot is a criminal named David Slaney. The main hero makes plans for future despite he is behind bars. He already knows how to escape. Released from imprisonment David will try to pull one more big deal off. He believes the drug deal should go through with his participation. In addition, one more criminal plans his escape with David and offers his help at the deal. The main hero and his new friend leave the prison.

Country: CA
Release date: 2018-02-27
Runtime: 42 min
Language: EN

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S01E01 - The Break

Episode 2       not downloaded
S01E02 - Old Wounds

Episode 3       not downloaded
S01E03 - Just Trust Me

Episode 4       not downloaded
S01E04 - Like Old Times

Episode 5       not downloaded
S01E05 - Bone Dog